Hi there! I'm Colin Silesa Software Engineera Data Scientist

I'm a student at Colorado School of Mines pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science, with a focus in Data Science. My interests include full-stack web development, machine learning, and distributed systems.

I fell in love with coding when I was ten and got a Lego robot that I could program to do anything I could imagine. Since then, I've continued expanding my repertoire of skills, through personal projects, formal education, and industry experience. I love learning new skills and technologies!

Outside of software development, I'm also passionate about being a mentor, having been a TA for Computer Science classes for many semesters. In my free time, I enjoy coding, running, solving puzzles (e.g. Sudoku, Rubik's Cubes), cooking, and reading.


B.S. Computer Science

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Colorado School of Mines

May 2022



Gearbox thumbnail

A full-featured JavaScript framework to simulate reinforcement learning environments

Reinforcement LearningJavaScript

March Madness Predictions

March Madness Predictions thumbnail

An ML model leveraging historical college basketball stats to predict the outcome of March Madness games

Machine LearningPython


Visplay thumbnail

A digital signage solution to improve upon existing software controlling digital displays across Mines' campus

Distributed SystemsPython

Recipe Recommender

Recipe Recommender thumbnail

A recommender system that analyzes recipe ingredients and ratings to suggest new recipes that you'll enjoy

Machine LearningPython


The Making of Gearbox


The extensive iterative design process behind the development of Gearbox

March Madness Miscalculations


Lessons learned from participating in Kaggle's 2021 Men's March Madness competition

A Year In Review


Reviewing my growth through the projects I've made in the past year

Another Post


Another post just to test